About Takumi Higashidani

short Biography

Born 2nd September 1954 in Kochi, Japan. Takumi started Judo and Aikidotraining when only 10 years old. At thirteen he started Goju Ryu Karate. At sixteen he started training a full contact Karate style in the Tokyo Honbu. He obtained his third dan (san-dan) black belt when he 20 years old and participated in the same year (1975) in the first Full contact Karate style Championship and obtained a 10th place in the tournament (open class).

After this period of time he began to focus his study on other martial arts styles, namely Okinawan weapons training. He continued his training by studying Goju Ryu Karate-Do. Later Takumi also became a student of Bagua, Tai-Chi, and Xing Yi Quan.

In 1989 he became member of the Ashihara Karate Kaikan.
He has participated in seminars around the world, and today continues to work at developing and refining Shinbudo.

Degrees and martial arts experience of Shihan Takumi Higashidani:
Karate Goju Ryu – 4th Dan
Full contact Karate style – 3rd Dan
Ashihara – 4 Dan
Weapons training Okinawan Kobudo
Chinese Martial Arts, 24 Form
Tai-Chi Chen style (Taiwan form)
Tai-Chi- 99 Form
Xing Yi Chuan