About Shinbudo training system

Our Training system Shinbudo is not a karate organization in a traditional sense, but is a martial arts research group with origins in karate.

We take the essence and concepts of the best in Martial Arts and evolve them in ShinBudo. Our system is based on three levels. During practice the students are brought successively through these levels. Though, in principle you can enter ShinBudo at any level, depending on your level of experience.

1. The basic martial arts ‘form’ is the fundamental part of the first level in the system.

2. Sabaki combinations, form the second level – the ‘how to use and apply the techniques’ level.

3. The third level consists of circular Sabaki movements and cube movements.

The Shin Budo system is based on techniques and training methods which are suitable for people of all ages. Therefore, it is possible to continue the practice of Shinbudo throughout your life. Practicing Shinbudo and learning the underlying principles will help to improve your physical and mental health and prevent disease.

After training it is important to finish the session with a series of stretching and massage techniques combined with breathing exercises which help to return the body to a relaxed and calm state.

ShinBudo is a practical self defense system not an empty style. The techniques flow into a practical application. The end goal is a natural integration of the movements into your body memory resulting in unconscious ( Mu shin) use of these methods in your everyday life. First we train the form but in the end the form becomes natural (YU KEI – MU KEI meaning form and without form).


Entry level

Understanding how the body works.The dynamics of movement, the relationship between thought and movement, efficiency of power, redirecting energy. 10.-7. kyu. Form and impact.

Sabaki level

Understanding the interactions with an opponent. Space, distance, positioning, strategy. 6.-3. kyu. Footwork, distance, combinations and timing.

Kyu Tai level (Circular and cubic movements – En Undo).

Further understanding movement and the dynamics of relaxed power. 2. kyu-1. dan (black belt). Using opponents power, throwing techniques, circular movements, joint techniques and weapon training.