Shinbudo ‘ The Body Mind Way ’

KOKUSAI BUDO KEN KYU KAI (The International Martial Arts Research Institute) Our Shinbudo system is grounded in the practice of martial arts for the benefit of our health, and self defense. It is a life style which focuses on the interplay and connection between mind and body.

The founder of Shinbudo is Takumi Higashidani.
Shinbudo is a holistically based Martial Art that Takumi is continually working on and evolving as he studies and brings into play many of the hidden physics of movement, the ‘Art’ and refinement of the Martial Arts. Takumi is currently resident in Aarhus, Denmark.

Takumi Higashidani has been training in Karate and Martial Arts since the age of ten. After 40 years of martial arts practice and research Takumi decided to launch the fusion of his ideas and experience. In 2007 he created SHINBUDO.


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